Champ is a 2 year old, male terrier mix. Champ is the party waiting to happen! He loves ALL types of dogs, male or female. If you are looking for a dog to keep your current dog happy and content, Champ would be your guy! He is super submissive with other dogs - he loves to play with everyone. He loves to run, so we think a fence would be best for him because of his activity level. Champ is an outgoing boy, he loves new people and ready to cuddle!



Gator is a 3 year old, male bulldog mix. Gator was surrendered with Gus – we aren’t sure if they are brothers or dad and son. Gator is a silly guy. When you talk softly to him, he gives you a partial smile with his snaggle tooth! Gator is excellent with other dogs, both male and female. We don’t know how he is with cats yet. Gator loves to sit in the backyard, paws crossed like a true gentleman, and just enjoys hanging out.



Gus is a 1 year old bulldog mix, male. Gus is a super sweet, mellow boy. He was surrendered with Gator. Gus is great with other dogs, both male and female. He is excellent in his crate – actually if there is a soft place to sleep and snuggle, he is perfectly content. We don’t know how he is with cats yet.



Meet Hunter! He was born on 3/7/2015. Hunter is full of personality, loves to cuddle, plays very well with other dogs, and knows his basic commands. He is almost completely potty trained and will go to door when he needs to go outside. Hunter is a special needs pup due to his diagnosis of Megaesophagus, which means his muscles on the esophagus fail and cannot propel food and water into the stomach. Due to his condition, Hunter must eat liquid food (I just blend our regular dog food with water and a little rice), vertically and remain upright for a short time after he eats. His foster dad built him a Bailey chair, and in less that a week he has no problem eating in the chair and digesting for a short time afterwords in it. Hunter also loves sitting on the couch in an upright position with his humans on the couch. Dogs with Magaesophagus can live a long healthy happy life with these few adaptations. Hunter is looking for his forever family that can look past his diagnosis and see him for the loving smart puppy that he is.



Romeo is a 6-8 month old spaniel, retriever mix. This boy is super sweet - he loves everyone! Romeo is great with other dogs - but he is a very humble soul so a happy, less dominant dog would be a great partner... or he could be an only dog and take in all of the affection! Romeo has a great temperament and energy to make a wonderful family dog. We don't know how he is with cats yet.



Teddy is 1year old. This handsome fella looks to be an Australian Kelpie which is part of a herding breed - a worker. He is quite active and is certainly not a couch potato - he would love an active home where he can get lots of exercise. This fella is also extremely smart and friendly. He is also still a puppy at approximately 11 months old. This sweetie never meets a stranger and is always up for an adventure! Teddy is fully crate trained and house broken. He is a highly intelligent boy. We aren’t sure how he is with cats yet.


Tigger - Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Tigger is a 3 year old, male chocolate lab mix. Tigger is great with other dogs – actually we will only place him in a family that has another dog. Tigger is a shy boy at first, but will warm up and become a lap dog when he feels safe. His favorite thing in the world are toys!! He loves the squeaky kind, the soft fuzzy kind. He loves to crawl onto your lap and bring one with him. Tigger is both crate trained and house broken. We don’t know how he is with cats yet.