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Cisco is a 8-10 month old male Plott Hound mix. Cisco is a quiet boy – a little on the shy side until he grows confident in his surroundings. Cisco is fine with other dogs – but would prefer the company of a playful female dog. Cisco is a very sweet puppy who still has some growing to do and would do best with continued socialization. He is crate trained and pretty much house broken. Cisco isn’t a high energy dog, but would still love the opportunity to run and play. Cisco would do awesome in obedience school – he is eager to please.


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Meet Colt! Colt is a 2-3 year old male bulldog. Colt is fine with other dogs but is WAY too interested in cats! Colt is crate trained and house broken. His favorite toys by far are nyla bones… and loves to sit in front of the fire place and chew them. Colt loves kids! Colt would do best with a family who likes to walk or be active… someone gained a few pounds and really needs to walk it off… ; ) This boy has the biggest, soulful eyes… and would love a forever home in time for the holidays!


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Meet Dori! She is a 2 year old female mutt... Dori is a super smart girl! She knows all the basics and is eager to entertain you. She is about 30 pounds and very spunky! Dori is fine with a physical fence or an e-fence. Dori would do best in a home without small children. She thrives in a structured environment. Dori would love to be a hiking partner with you! She easily could master any obedience and she would LOVE to do agility!