Diesel is a 2 year old, male Bernese Mountain dog mix. Diesel is a super guy! Great with other dogs and people. He is very loyal and enjoys being part of the family. We don't know how he is with cats yet. Diesel is perfect in the house, we don't crate him because he has wonderful manners. His favorite thing is to have a belly rub and if you can give him a good rub, he will be your best friend. Diesel would be best in a home that is quiet and calm. Although he is fine with children, we would recommend an older family who is looking for a loyal companion.



Dixie is a 1-2 year old, Plott hound mix. This lady is super smart... and super sweet. If you are looking for a great obedience candidate, Dixie might be a good candidate for you! She is quite the snuggler too! Dixie is great with other dogs... she is a little too interested in cats though...



Doggy is a 2-3 year old lab mix, male. You would think he had some husky in him because he is very vocal... he loves to talk to you, tell you how his day went, what was new, everything. Doggy is great with other dogs and wonderful with kids... but we don't know how he is with cats yet. Doggy is great in the house and is fully crate trained. Doggy is looking for a wonderful forever home, he is ready to hike and be active, but will also just hang out with you and chill out... a wonderful level of energy! You might wonder why his eyes are so red... Doggy came to us suffering from entropia (when your eyelids flip in scratching your eyes... it is really painful!) Doggy actually went through surgery to correct this and now he can open his eyes without pain! That redness will heal and he will be the best dog ever!




Frank is a lab/shepherd mix, male. This boy is about 1-2 years old. Frank is super with other dogs. Frank is a mellow boy. At adoption clinics he is our key greeter... he meets everyone with a wonderful smile! Frank is perfect in his crate and is also house broken. Frank is fine with other dogs and is also great with kids too! Frank loves love and will just melt into your arms for affection. He loves his rawhide and toys that he throws around!



Greta is a 2 year old GSD, female. Greta is a stunning girl... she loves everyone! Greta is great with other dogs! Greta is way too interested in cats though... Greta is a perfect girl, both house broken and crate trained. Although shepherds can be natural worriers, Greta takes life in stride... if there is something fun going on, she is all about that! This southern girl is adjusting well to northern life and loves to dig the ice off the deck and play with it, throwing it around to be playful!


Oakley is a 1 year old, male Chessie mix. He has the gorgeous sandy eyes and the wavy hair of a Chessie. Oakley had a tough beginning but is doing well in his foster home! He is perfect in his crate and house broken! Oakley would do best with a family that understands this wonderfully loyal breed. Oakley knows some basic obedience and would be best in a calm home. He lived with small children too! We don't know how he is with cats yet. Oakley is eager to please!


RoselynRoselyn is a 1-2 year old female terrier mix. She is super sweet. Her favorite thing is to sit by your side and just smile... she loves love! Roselyn is great with other dogs - and loves to run in the backyard and just play! Roselyn is the mom of Wilma and Bambam... she was a great mom... and now she is looking for a forever home of her own. If you are looking for a really happy gal who loves everyone, Roselyn might be a great fit!



Trigger is a 1-2 year old male heeler mix. Trigger is super sweet and a great size! He is great with other dogs... we don't know how he is with cats yet. Trigger has a medium amount of energy - like to play but then will hang out with you. Trigger is great with new people, he loves to socialize and meet everyone!