They Never Forget

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A few weeks ago I took one of our shelter dogs to an offsite adoption event. She was a shy and nervous girl. It took her a bit to trust me and she never relaxed in my truck. When we arrived at the event’s location she was reserved but very good in her interactions with people and most of the other dogs that came in and out. Over the two hours we were there, when she was not interacting with someone, she would intently watch the doors open. You could just read she was anticipating the arrival of someone she knew.

By the time we left, we were officially bonded and she lay down on the front seat of my truck. We had taken the same route from the event as we had taken to it, but this trip back to the shelter was different. At one point she sat bolt upright with head and snout pointing skyward sniffing as though she was going to inhale all the air. After a moment or two she laid back down. I just knew what had happened but I wanted to confirm it.

When we arrived back at the shelter, I checked with the staff and I was sadly correct. Part of the route we took was near the home she once shared with her human family, the area where she inhaled as much familiarity as she could. Over and over I have seen dogs, especially the older ones, look expectantly for their family to return, staring at each car as it pulls in. When an unfamiliar person exits the vehicle they will often bow their head. The visual doesn’t have to be explained. Those moments bring tears to my eyes for the understanding they cannot possess about the ending of their beloved pack. I realize circumstances often prompt animal surrender and it is heart wrenching for many pet parents. But please consider your options carefully if at all possible, for you will always be in their hearts and they will never forget.

Micah is a Canine Good Citizen!



Micah Achieved his Canine Good Citizen!

Micah and his foster mom Sheila have been working very hard this summer.  At that work paid off this past Friday when Micah achieved his Canine Good Citizen.  He completed all the tasks with skill and great confidence!  We are super proud of Micah and Sheila!

Micah is available for adoption, check his bio out!  This smart boy could then continue his training in his forever home!


Clinic this weekend!

This weekend (August 27th), EHR-NY will be at the Petco in Clifton Park.  Come join us and meet Betty Lou, Jimmy and Maisie.  

Death Row Dogs Find Hope At The Eleventh Hour Rescue

For more information please contact:
Eleventh Hour Rescue-NY
Founder - Barbara Kucharczyk
(518) 223-5589
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Saratoga Springs, NY (March 23, 2011) – As the economy worsens, shelters find themselves inundated with pets that are the casualty of foreclosures, job loss or other unfortunate circumstances. Shelters are forced to make difficult decisions, euthanizing healthy, adoptable pets in an effort to make room for more homeless animals. These dogs are on death row simply because the shelters could no longer care for them or had space. Their crime? They are simply out of time.

The Saratoga Springs based nonprofit group Eleventh Hour Rescue – NY partners with shelters, rescuing their death row dogs at the Eleventh Hour--when they are scheduled to be put to death. The dogs are provided with all the medical attention they require, a place to live, and through an adoption process, a second chance at a happy and fulfilled life. Eleventh Hour Rescue – NY is affiliated with many like-minded animal groups throughout the United States and Spain. The New York group is the sister of Eleventh Hour Rescue (NJ), located in Rockaway, NJ.

"We are thankful to all the volunteers who make saving these dogs possible, and welcome new volunteers and donations to help the cause," said Barbara Kucharczyk, founder of the New York group. "Foster homes are in the front lines of every animal rescue group. They have a direct impact on the number of dogs we are able to save. We need people willing to provide temporary shelter and care for pets until they are adopted. Fostering can last from a few days to several months. All veterinary care is paid.," added Kucharczyk.

About Eleventh Hour Rescue - NY

Eleventh Hour Rescue – NY is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that rescues adoptable dogs from shelters when they are scheduled to be euthanized. Through an adoption process, each dog is placed in a permanent home. To help the cause or learn more about Eleventh Hour Rescue - NY, visit ( or become a fan on Facebook ( To contact our New Jersey team, Eleventh Hour Rescue – NJ, visit (